The hayward ought to be an active and sharp man, for he must, early and late, look after and go round and keep the woods, corn, and meadows, and other things belonging to his office, and he ought to make attachments and approvements faithfully, and make the delivery by pledge before the reeve, and deliver them to the bailiff to be heard. And he ought to sow the lands, and be over the plowers and harrowers at the time of each sowing. And he ought to make all the boon-tenants and customary-tenants who are bound and accustomed to come, do so, to do the work they ought to do. And in haytime he ought to be over the mowers, the making, the carrying, and in August assemble the reapers and the boon-tenants and the laborers and see that the corn be properly and cleanly gathered; and early and late watch so that nothing be stolen or eaten by beasts or spoilt. And he ought to tally with the reeve all the seed, and boon-work, and customs, and labor, which ought to be done in the manor throughout the year, and what it amounts to the bailiff tallies and accounts for, and they ought to answer on the account for the rest.

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